Cloud Protect


Most businesses don’t think about trouble until it happens.

49% of small and medium businesses will FAIL because they don’t have an effective data backup strategy or don’t check it is working as it should. Don’t be the one wondering why disaster struck you.  Be the one smiling because you are ready for when it does.





Cloud Protect


You’ve got a lot on your mind and plate keeping a business running smoothly. That’s why you shouldn’t have to worry about the unexpected, whether it’s losing your laptop, business server or even power for days. All you need is a simple plan and a system you know you can trust. Suredata Cloud Protect gives you the peace of mind that all your hard work is protected.





Cloud Protect


Back up to class leading storage solutions, ISO 27001 certified, with a 99.9999999% guaranteed SLA.  Increase security with your own password and master access to the console.





Suredata to the rescue!

According to leading insurers, insured losses from disasters have exploded annually from, on average, less than $10 billion to more than $100 billion in recent years, and the number of significant disasters has nearly tripled since the early 1980s.

The good news? Suredata over the last 5 years have partnered with leading cloud providers such as Amazon to builds resiliency and recovery capabilities into its technologies and services but delivered locally by Tech Specialists who care.  We are helping to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your systems are up and running – and that you’re open for business – even if the unexpected happens.

Silvana Macri

Silvana Macri


Andrew Mayberry

Andrew Mayberry

Technical Director


Featured Articles
Vin & Kylee Nichols
Vin & Kylee NicholsMB Direct
We had been worried about not having offsite data backup for some time but wanted a solution that was supported locally and not by some call centre overseas that we couldn't get assistance from when we needed it. Then we heard about Suredata from a friend. They came out, set it all up for us and monitor our backups right here in Perth. We have total faith in their expertise and can relax knowing that our electronic records are kept safe and confidential. Andrew even helped us sort out all these other computer issues which has saved us time & ...
Tegan Benfell
Tegan BenfellAdditive Free Kids
I want to say a HUGE thank you to the lovely people at Suredata. Andrew came out this morning and set up my two new computers, they have sorted out all of my emailing issues and changed servers foe me. Andrew even downloaded all of the files I recently lost when my computer died. Thanks to these guys I will now be able to get emails to you in confidence and will finally be able to get invoices out and things running smoothly. Where in the world do you get that kind of service?Tegan Benfell (Founder)
Neil Salvia
"Suredata are always willing to assist and get my business back on track as fast as they possibly can.  Their knowledge of IT Solutions is awesome"Service Category: Building DesignerYear first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High IntegrityNeil Salvi.Managing Director
Rob Bluntish
Very satisfied, customer service is at the top of their list. Well done & keep up the good work.
Honee Burke
Thank you very much to the Suredata team for a seamless transition to Google Apps for Business. Keep up the great work - it is a pleasure to deal with a supplier who provides great customer service and support for their product.
Front Door Design
I highly recommend the team at Suredata, they provide us with excellent advice and technical support when we need it – which is often.



Scheduling and Real-Time Backup

Build flexible backup schedule or setup real-time backup for files and folders on change or creation.

256-bit AES Encryption

Encrypt backups with up to 256-bit strong keys on source side. All data sent to the cloud is encrypted using the SSL protocols to protect while it is in transit.


Reduce data overhead, decrease storage costs, aid bandwidth and accelerate backup completion with optional compression.

Cloud and Local Backup

Backup to cloud storage of your choice or set up local backup if you want to send only a subset of your data to the cloud and keep the rest on your local backup storage.

Block Level Backup

Backup only modified or new portions of files to add them to existing online data pool.

Network Locations Backup

Back up your network locations including network shares, NAS devices, mapped drives, etc.

Email Notifications

Set up customizable email notification feature to track each run of your backup and restore plans remotely.


Set up Purge options to enable automated deletion of outdated data from your storage. Keep only actual versions of your backups.

Australian Based Storage

We only store your data in Australian based data centres.


All data is secured using industry standard SSL protocols before it leaves your device and is secured end-to-end.

Web Console

A web console allows you to securely access you data from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Simple To Use

A simply to use wizard interface so backing up files, restoring files, or browsing your data couldn't be easier.

How Easy is it protect your business?

Easy as 1, 2, 3….

  1. Decide where your data is and what type, then select the appropriate license type and number.
  2. Choose your storage plan and size.
  3. Download and install the client software.  Then set up some plans with the easy to use interface.
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All license types come with a free 30 day trial.  Just call, and we’ll set it up.  But if you’re ready to go simply choose the type(s) of licenses and number needed and your storage options.  You can mix and match as needed.  For example, you could have 5 Desktops and a Small Business Server all backing up to one S3 storage plan.  It’s good to be flexible…

SQL License
Microsoft SQL server
Save 11% and pay yearly ($127)
MS SQL Server Backup
Full, differential or transaction SQL Server log backup. Supports MS SQL Server 2003/2005/2008/2013/2014/2016, MS SQL Server Express.
File system backup
System State Backup
Image Based Backup
Encryption and Compression
Network Share Backup
Windows 7 and higher
Windows Server 2003 and higher
Windows SBS 2008 Standard and higher
Exchange License
Microsoft Exchange Server
Save 12% and pay yearly ($147)
MS Exchange Server Backup
Run full, differential or transaction mailstore backup to the chosen cloud storage. Works on: MS Exchange 2007/2010/2013
File system backup
System State Backup
Image Based Backup
Encryption and Compression
Network Share Backup
Windows 7 and higher
Windows Server 2003 and higher
Windows SBS 2008 Standard and higher

Amazon S3 Based Storage

S3 is a durable, elastic and resilient storage platform.  Hosted in Sydney Australia, your data is protected to the highest levels including a 99.9999% availability guarantee.  Data can be retrieved at any time and from anywhere.


Perfectly suited for small businesses, home offices or personal backups
Save $12 and pay $107 yearly
Perfect for Small/Medium businesses or larger Personal/Family backups.
Save $22 and pay $217 yearly
Perfect for high volume users or businesses with large amounts of data to protect.
Save $122 and pay $597 yearly
Need MEGA storage? Perfect for businesses with a very large volume of data to protect.
Save $245 and pay $1194 yearly

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